Words and music
By Ann Hampton Callaway

  1. Disregard the name
    "Ann Hampton Callaway”
    English, Scottish, Irish
    A honky all the way
    Lionel wasn't pappy
    Neither was ol' Cab
    Ev'ry day I curse the way
    My life is dull and drab
    Go on and spread the news
    I've got the I'm-too-white-to-sing-the-blues blues!

  2. Got a payin' job
    A man who's good and true
    A spacious flat in New York City
    How could I be blue?
  3. My credit cards are paid up
    Except for MasterCard
    If my life is such a piece of cake
    Tell me why is it so hard?
    I ought to hit the booze
    I've got the I'm-too-white-to-sing-the-blues blues!


    Well, I dig my Ethel Waters
    Bessie Smith takes my breath away
    And I live for ev'ry word of pain
    From Billie Holiday

  4. Sometimes when I'm lonely
    I think I have my chance
    I try to sing St. Louis Blues
    To my cat and my houseplants
    But my cat gets catatonic
    My violets start to shrink
    When the ivy starts to climb the walls
    It's time to pour a drink
    Each time I try, I los
    e I've got the I'm-too-white-to-sing-the-blues blues!




Each time I try I lose
Spoken "Come to me Patti LaBelle”
Spoken "Oh, that was pathetic!”
I know you feel that way, too, sometimes, don't ya
You listen to the radio and say
"Hey, I wanna sing like that”
But first you make sure that no one is spying on you
And then you let it out in your shower
And you feel so fantastic
Until you find out
Your girlfriend or your boyfriend
Or your husband or your wife
Or your cat or your dog
Is making fun of you
You, too, have the I'm-too-white-to-sing-the-blues blues!

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