Words and music
By Ann Hampton Callaway and Lindy Robbins

I thought love would hit me
Like a bolt of lightning
Striking my heart blind
But I never saw the fireworks
No crazy music blared inside my mind

You walked in like a gentle song
A strange, familiar melody
Could I have known it all along
You were made for me?
Now I see


It was already written in the stars
We were meant to be together
Already written in the stars
Two hearts shall beat as one, forever
An eternity of love is ours
It was already written
Already written in the stars

I had almost given up
On finding my heart's perfect destiny
‘Cause after all the fairy tales
No knight in shining armor came for me

But the moment that your eyes met mine
I felt my wildest dreams come true
My long awaited valentine
Deep inside I knew I'd find you


I want to thank the angels
For bringing you here
This must be heaven
To be holding you near


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