Words and Music by Ann Hampton Callaway

I wrote a letter to my future love
The mystery that I was dreaming of
I pretended that we'd already met
It was enthralling me
Like you were calling me from afar
I sealed the letter and I said a pray'r
Three years went by wond'ring if you were there
How was I to imagine the joy
That had awaited us
God had created us for each other
And (For) now like the words
Of the letter you arrive
Now I can feel
What it means to be alive
You are the one
I searched for ev'rywhere
Oh, my love
You are my answered pray'r

The way I met you was a great surprise
So many glimpses till I saw your eyes
There were oceans between us at first
But like two birds that soar
Somehow we made it to shore
And when at last your arms enfolded me
And love reached out to touch us breathlessly
All the years of waiting melted away
One kiss was all it took
And that forever look
When I was certain that our love was true
I shared the letter I had written you
Inside, the words from long ago
Knew the things that now we know
Though written from afar
They revealed all the things you are