Words and music
By Ann Hampton Callaway

1. If you want to paint the town
Then come on down to Dizzy’s
The place is hip
Just take a trip
To the swinginest jazz joint to be found
The moment you enter
Jazz at Lincoln Center
Hop up to five
The crowd’s alive
At Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola

That view beckons you at the door
You’ve stepped into the Big Apple’s core
And like nothing that you’ve heard before
All that boppin’ and blowin’ and singin’
Starts the big band skyline swingin’

2. And you never know who
You’ll run into at Dizzy’s
Who’s steppin’ out
Who’s sittin’ in
At Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola

They know just how to jazz and alcohol us
Thanks to Wynton Marsalis
What would the New York night’s caress be
Without the soul of Dizzy Gillespie?


3. What’s the buzz all about?
Come check it out at Dizzy’s
The home of jazz-
All that it has-
Even fried chicken and waffles!
You’ll eat well, drink well
Swing with the best
As even Tony Bennett
Will gladly attest
From dusk to dawn
The music lives on
At Dizzy’s
Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola!

© 2006 Works of Heart Publishing/ Administered by Williamson Music