Words and music
By Ann Hampton Callaway and Lindy Robbins


They don't make ‘em like they used to
Never has been more true
Than in the case of dancing on the silver screen
I think I missed my era
I mean, could you compare a
Madonna dance step to a Balanchine?
"Saturday Night Fever” gives me the flu
Will someone please explain the point of "Xanadu”?
There's no romancin' in "Dirty Dancin'”
How I miss the old soft shoe
I miss you know who

1. Astaire
Dancing on air
Gliding like a breeze
Totally at ease
Like he's never had a care
And tapping in his top hat and his tails
Ev'ry other song and dance man fails
So debonair
Makes me kinda flip
How'd he make it hip
To have so little hair?
Dancing on the ceiling so casually
Makin' it look as easy as one, two, three
It's rare
That savoir faire
And that is why my kinda guy is
Fred Astaire

2. So sleek
So perfectly chic
The picture of charm
With Ginger on his arm
Or out dancin' cheek to cheek
He'd find the girl
Then lose the girl
Then win her back
I loved it when they ended with a
Ginger smack
Such flair
So devil-may-care
So cool he was hot
And if you say "not”
Then I say "au contraire”
His voice was not a knock out
His looks were so-so
But put ev'rything together
And what a show!
I swear
He's never once been square
And that is why my kinda guy is
Fred Astaire


You can take the rapper
I will take the tapper
You can be a Dead-head
I will be a Fred-head
With or without the blond
He is beyond compare
He's irreplaceable
And Funny Face-able
Fred Astaire!

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