Words and music
By Ann Hampton Callaway

Water lilies
Water lilies
On the water running willow
On the pillow of the setting sun
Floating daydreams
Floating daydreams
The wisteria is weeping
"Is she sleeping there, Ophelia?

Lilacs, irises and poppies
Cherry blossoms nodding in the breeze
Honey, golden shafts of sunlight
Filter crimson through the leaves of trees

On the footbridge I stand squinting
To see softer like Monet
There's his beard
A white rhododendron bouquet
Was he smoking his pipe
Or did a blackbird fly away?

Mirror move me
Mirror move me
Turn the sky around to show me
What below me is so high above
Water ballet
Water ballet
Hazy clouds and lily tutus
Dance in pas-de-deux's upon the stream

Colors brushing from the twilight
Swirl the scene in otherworldly hues
Water, paint the night a mermaid
In your deepest violets, greens and blues

At the footbridge I stand breathless
At the vision that I see
I'll remember you forever
My beloved Giverny

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