Words by Ann Hampton Callaway
Music by Rolf Lovland

I remember a meadow
One morning in May
With a sky full of dreams
That sailed in that day
I was dancing through green waves
Of grass like the sea
For a moment in time
I could feel I was free

There are waves of forgiveness
And waves of regret
And the first waves of true love
I'll never forget
In the meadow that morning
As I wandered alone
There were green waves of yearning
For life still unknown


Take me home to the meadow
That cradles my heart
Where the waves reach as far as you can see
Take me home to the meadow
We've been too long apart
I can still hear you calling for me

What I'd give to remember
That heavenly state
Just a moment in time
All mine to create
As I'm taking my last breath
I know what I'll see
There'll be greenwaves forever
Out there, waiting for me


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