Words and music
By Ann Hampton Callaway
For "Relative Harmony”


There are thorns between two roses
As you can surely guess
But that's never stopped these roses
From giving off the sweet smell of success

1. You've seen the Barrymores, the Redgraves, the Jacksons, the Judds
The Osmonds, the Osbourns, those Baldwin brother studs
The Carpenters, the Cusacks, the crooning McCraes, well-
Here come the Callaways!

The Gershwins wrote us love songs the whole world enjoys
Jeff Bridges and his brother Beau were swell Baker Boys
In tennis, sisters Venus and Serena amaze, now-
Here come the Callaways!

Liz is blithe and blond
With all that Broadway pizzazz
Ann's the cool brunette
Who likes to scat and sing jazz
Liz is short like Sonny
Ann is tall like Cher
Like apples
And oranges
But oh, what a pair!

There's Zsa Zsa and Eva, the sisters Gabor
And don't forget the Olsen twins- which one do you like more?
There's Liza and Lorna- we could go on for days, but
Here come the Callaways!


Like a bridge over troubled daughters
We will ease your minds
"Verse two”

2. Let's not forget those brothers, Burl and Charles Ives (ha ha)
Warren Beatty n' Shirley Maclaine with all of her lives
The Afflecks
The Arquettes
Have great resumes, but
So do the Callaways!

The Smothers Brothers, Righteous Brothers and brothers Mills
Those flying Wallendas with their high wire thrills
And speaking of heights there's both the Brontes

"Hey Liz are they here tonight?”
"No, I hear they're under the wuther.”

But not the Callaways!

How do two Chicago girls
Find fame and cache?
Where there's a will
There's a Callaway!

And just like Orville and Wilbur when they invented flight
We crashed and burned but soon we learned just how to get it- "Wright”
Forget all those siblings you heard us recite
They've got nice DNA's
But there's a new trail to blaze
Here come the Calla-
Not the Andrews Sisters, Boswell Sisters, Lennon Sisters- no!
This ain't the Pointer Sisters', Clooney or McGuire Sisters' show
And P.S. how much further can those Hilton sisters go?
Raise your chardonnays
Pop your Perrier Jouets
Here come the Callaways!
The Callaways!

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