Words and music
By Ann Hampton Callaway

Do you know how beautiful you are?
How I wish that you could see what I see
You've shown me so much in our time together
And given me a sense of family

For too long we've lived inside our shadows
But we've opened up like flowers to the light
After all the time we've spent in hiding
It feels so good to let our hearts take flight


I will remember
These crazy days and nights with you
I can't forget the love we've shared together
And the next time I wish upon a star
I'll remember how beautiful you are

I love to see your spirit and abandon
You're never dressed without a twinkle in your eye
And I can't decide what makes you look more wonderful
In a Speedo, wearing drag, or full out black tie

And underneath the smiles and all the laughter
I see the pain you fight to overcome
You've inspired me by your strength and courage
And insistence to dance to your own drum


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