Words and Music
by Ann Hampton Callaway

Let's defy the odds
Let's resist the statistical forces
Let's defy the odds
That most marriages end in divorces
Let's agree breaking up is a bore
Since Julia and Lyle fell out of Lovett
Pity Bruce and Demi are no Moore
We've got a love that Hollywood would covet

Let's defy the odds
While most marriage knots get unraveled
Let's defy the odds
We're hitched, let's hike the road that's less traveled
Who cares if you're from Mars and I'm from Venus
With all that gorgeous stardust between us
We can outshine those divining rods
Let's defy the odds

Let's be tres passé
And escape each alluring distraction
Let's get old and grey
Without starring in Fatal Attraction
You and I are a fortunate team
Our two libidos- who could quite compare ‘em?
For Casanovas like you I'm a dream
‘Cause when you got this girl you got yourself a harem

Let's defy the odds
Let's stay on the straight and narrow
Let's defy the odds
Unlike Woody Allen and Mia Farrow
When folks announce "Till death do us part
What they really mean is "Till Beth do us part”
They're heading straight for those firing squads
But let's defy the odds
Let's upset the cynics and double cross their data
Let's confound the critics and steer clear of Nevada
Who needs Nevada?
We'll be the hob nobbers of the nuptial gods
Let's defy the odds!

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