Words and music
By Ann Hampton Callaway and Lindy Robbins


April in Paris is grand
Who could deny it?
October in New England is delightful
You must try it
June, July and August
Straight to Venice by the sea
But when the sky turns chilly
There's just one place that I really
Want to be

1. I love Manhattan in December
I like the Big Apple dipped in snow
Christmas ev'rywhere
With colored lights to spare
And Broadway lookin' great in winterglow, oh

2. I love Manhattan in December
Give me Central Park when trees are bare
Skate around the lake
Catch a cold snowflake
Or ride a carriage through the crispy air


Sittin' in my cozy flat
On Forty Fourth Street
I'm playin' Nat King Cole
And puttin' up my feet
I'm lookin' out my window
Thinkin' life is sweet
Hell's Kitchen looks like heaven in the snow
By now you know that

3. I dig Manhattan in December
The windows down at Barney's will amaze
Shop until you drop
In the town that doesn't stop
It's the hippest place for happy holidays



The taxis won't stop honkin'
But it's jingle bells to me
When I'm puttin' my tin angel
Atop my Christmas tree
With a Santa on each corner
One is sure to visit me
But ev'rything I want's already here
This time of year


September, November
I'm driftin' fancy free
But Yuletide and New Year's
Just one place I could be
It's easy to remember
Manhattan in December
Try it and I'm sure you'll agree
Manhattan in December
Won't you spend it with me?

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