In honor of those who died in the "ethnic cleansing” in Sarajevo

Words and music
By Ann Hampton Callaway

No one
That's what they want my name to be
No footprints do they wish to see
No breath to foul the air
Nor should I dare
Exist with eyes
To look to God
A diff'rent God
Is this the God who gave me

No one
Whose heart is stronger than the sword
Whose voice is heard and not ignored
Whose love exceeds his fear
Who, while he's here
Touches his dream?
I have a dream


And through all of the rage
That I feel
And the break in my heart
That won't heal
And the world that they've taken away
I still live for the dream that someday

No one
Will ever feel this pain again
That there'll be peace among all men
The world is just like me
Longing to be
Alive and great
What is our fate?
To live, to die?
And yet won't I
Always be someone?
No one is no one
Each of us someone
God, let us be one

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