Words by Lindy Robbins and Harvey Fierstein
Music by Ann Hampton Callaway

You've become so dear to me
God, I hope you're proud of me

I wonder what I'll do
When the nightmare's finally over
When tomorrow holds no fear
When the war is won
The plague is done
The cure at last is here
Will I want to sing along
To the final song?

I wonder what I'll feel
When they fold the quilt away
Will I dance and celebrate?
Or scream and yell, like bloody hell
For those who couldn't wait
‘Cause it took too goddamn long
For the final song

Will I write my address book in ink
And toast "to life” with a numbing drink
Or fill an ocean with my tears
Tears I saved for thirteen years
‘Cause who had time to cry?
Not me

I wonder who I'll be
When the wounds heal into scars
Will the shadows leave my smile?
The good old ways, of my early days
Returning for a while
Will I find that I've grown strong
For the final song?

Or will I obsess about the war
An old fool who cannot shut the door
With three friends in a backyard grave
And hundreds more I could not save
There wasn't any time to say goodbye, goodbye

Will I still be alone
When the nightmare's fin'lly over?
Could I risk my battered heart
Without the fear that love will end
Before it gets to start?

I know it's getting better
And yes, I still have hope
I'm clinging to my sanity
And learning how to cope
I'm not afraid to fight
And I will fight my whole life long
But where will I belong?
Where will I belong?
Where will I belong
After the final song?

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