Words by Lindy Robbins
Music by Ann Hampton Callaway

Her eyes are violet blue
Intense against her skin
Their otherworldly hue
Will not ever dim
The glory of her youth slowly disappears
And she must face the truth of her growing years
She tries a new hairstyle
Buys a new dress
But the antidote for time cannot be found
So, she finally puts the mirror down
She puts the mirror down

She scrubs her fine face clean
With a contented air
Tosses her binding clothes
And loosens her hair
Failures from the past haunted her with regret
Now disappointment fades with each new sunset
She takes the old judgement
And folds it away
Glowing with the wisdom she has found
‘Cause finally she puts the mirror down
She puts the mirror down

And she is free, she is free
She never felt so free


The autumn of her life beckons with mystery
As she has come to know what will be, will be
Just an ageless woman
With nothing to prove
She is feeling her true spirit come unbound
Since finally she put the mirror down
She put the mirror down

And she is free She put the mirror down

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