For the show "Happy Holidays”

Words and music
By Ann Hampton Callaway


It's Christmas, merry Christmas
It's as if the clock is saying
"Your life has just begun”
And yet I feel like time is standing still
I look at you and can't believe
You're here with me tonight
I've never been so frightened
And it's never felt so right

This Christmas is not the Christmas
I hoped would be
No holly, no mistletoe
No presents under the tree
We don't have a fire burning
No carols in the snow
But oh, what music we'll be making
And oh, what a glow

This Christmas I think I'm learning
What Christmas means
It's loving you give completely
There are no in-betweens
I tried to hold back my heart
It's something I usually do
But you got inside my heart
And now it belongs to you


All the way here through the storm I thought
"My fam'ly must think I've gone mad”
But how could I waste one moment away
From the greatest love I've ever had?

This Christmas I'll say goodbye
To all the years on my own
It's you now, no turning back
We're gonna brave the unknown
In my whole life I've never seen
Such a Christmas dream come true
Look, I'm trembling, hold steady
I'm breathless, but ready
To start this Christmas loving you

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