Words and Music by
Carole King and Ann Hampton Callaway

Light up some candles
Chill some champagne
Draw us a bath, baby
Put on Coltrane
Slip out of Friday
Into something soiree
'Cause tonight, baby
You're all mine
The moon looks lonely
Let's pay her a call
Stand in her silver while I
Kiss you against the wall
I wanna know you in every single way
And I will tonight 'cause
You're all mine
Well, we both have been so busy
That we're slightly out of tune
Let's get our love song back on key
Have you saved up any wishes
Any dreams or fantasy?
Tonight, why not try one out on me?
It's like we're just beginning
So dangerous and free
I feel you in my body
Close as we can be
Tonight I know the part of you
You once kept locked away
Oh, tonight, baby
You're all mine
You are mine
You're all mine
Baby, you're all mine
Baby, you're all mine

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