Words and music
By Ann Hampton Callaway

Where do songs go
That are never heard?
Is there a place where they can live,
A sort of heaven?
Is there a world
Where beauty cannot die,
Where words are free to fly
And melodies can make believe
They're remembered?

Where do dreams go
That are never lived?
In someone's sleep do they appear
In search of passion?
Is there one night
Each dream is sure to find
A home in someone's mind,
Someone who can make
That dream come true?


And I had a dream
Such a beautiful dream
That you and I
Would share our lives one day
But now that's a song
That can never be sung
And a dream your heart
Has cast away

Where does love go
That is never shared?
Above the stars is there a place
It can be sheltered?
If on one night
In someone else's arms
You look up and through the stars
See how I loved you so
Then I would know
There's a place where love can go

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